Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take 12 - March

Hi everyone.

I've got some digital scrapping to share today.  I'm participating in the Take 12 challenge at Ella Publishing.  The concept of the challenge is to take 12 pictures on the 12th of the month, then scrap them.  Monday was the 12th.  We had a repairman come and look at our washing machine that broke over the weekend.  I was sure it would be repairable.  Its only about 7 years old and a top of the line when we bought it Maytag HE.  He told me that a bearing had gone bad, the transmission locked up and burnt one of the belts right off.  Parts alone cost $595!  Then we were talking some more and he told me that washers today are only made to last 5-10 years.  A $1200 machine won't last any longer than a $600 machine and the computerized dashboards that add so much to the cost don't clean the clothes any better than turning the knobs.  So my husband and I went to the appliance store and when the salesman tried to take us to the fancy front loaders I was like don't even!  From there the rest of my pictures are the usual weekday stuff.  We had great weather, and its looking that way for the rest of the week.

And here is February

I didn't get these scrapped until just this weekend.  The 12th of Feb was a Sunday so everyone was around and I was able to get more people pictures than during the week.  One of my favorite things about this photo project is looking ahead to see what day of the week the 12th will fall on.  Next month it is on a Thursday.  My daughter will be off school on Easter break but Willie will be in school.  We'll have to plan something special.  Maybe go out to lunch or a movie.

Thanks for stopping by.

March Supplies:
Leftovers Frame Single 2
March Pea Soup Alpha
Banner Dates
Baby Boy Solids
March Pea Soup Bits

February Supplies:
Shot Through the Heart Papers
Edward Alphas
Feb Pea Soup Elements


Laurel said...

These are so fabulous!

Aliza said...

I also like thinking about what day of the week the next 12 will be. We'll be celebrating Passover on April 12, so that will make for some fun pictures, I think.

Elaine said...

Gorgeous memory pages Laura Love them Hugs Elaine

Monica said...

What cute pages! Thanks for participating in Ella's Take 12 project!

Laura T. said...

Love your layouts. Love how you used the heart theme for February.

Jenny Star Lor said...

i love this layout!

Alice Wertz said...

really fun concept for a scrapbook challenge. so sorry to hear about the washing machine. now i know the fancy ones are not necessarily better. =) super pages. thanks for sharing, Laura!