Friday, December 2, 2011

Snow Cute

Hi everyone.

Today I have a hybrid card to share. The penguin is from the Cute Holiday Stickers kit designed by Holly Brooke Jones and the stamps are from Holly's My Cute Stamps Snow Cute stamp set. Holly's designs are always so much fun to work with. Oh my, I just went to Holly's store to link up the stamps and I see she's having a 50% off sale. This is a great deal on some great stamps!

So yesterday was the first of December and I actually remembered to take pictures for my December Daily. Yay! We don't have any decorations up yet but I have done a good amount of Christmas shopping which is always nice to get out of the way early.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


~amy~ said...

way tooooooooooo stinkin CUTE!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Cute card.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SUPER SUPER cute---love that little penguin:)

Alice Wertz said...

too darn cute! love love love this, Laura!

Nicole Maki said...

This is really wonderful, Laura. I love your cards and don't comment often enough.

We don't have our decorations up yet either, but my christmas cards are nearly all made - that's something, right?

Good for you for having a lot of your shopping done.