Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've been digi scrapping

One of the 2Peas digital kit designers, Kerry Stewart, is hosting a 6 week Lifestyle Challenge.

When January came around and I was busting out of my pants but still not exercising and eating too much ice cream I decided to jump on board. You don't have to digi scrap to participate but with all of the kits I've got it would be just plain wasteful not to.

So here's my week 1. I hate this fat, frumpy photo!

I titled it "before" in hopes that there will be an "after" that looks much better. Week 1 was about goal setting. I used Jen Martakis Simple Starts digital template #2 and the Polka Dot Pixels Snap Out of It digital kit.

And here is my week 2 page, all about obstacles.

The photo is my new groceries - lots of fruits, veggies, and healthy foods to replace the bad ones. Also in week 1 I successfully gave up soda and sweets. The first day with no Diet Coke I had a headache all day, but by the 2nd day I felt much better! And no more plopping down on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream at 8:00 at night. After just a week I already felt so much less bloated. I used Polka Dot Pixels Kitschen Sinque kit and a template from the P52 Mega Template Pack.

And here is week 3, the current week, all about support systems:

I've been a Weight Watchers Lifetime member for 11 years now. On tuesday I decided to go back to the meetings. They're so motivational, and the accountability of having to step on the scale in front of the meeting leader keeps me honest like nothing else. I was pleasantly surprised to weigh in at 139.6, down 5.4 lbs from 2 weeks ago by giving up soda and sweets. For this page I used a Sample Pack #8 template, the Play in the Snow kit, the Jingle Jangle kit, and Mini Sticker alphas.

Over the past 3 weeks I've only been to the gym 2 times each week. I was hoping for 4x a week so thats what I've got to work on next. Putting myself back on the list, as Oprah would say.

A lot of new digital releases at 2Peas this week. You can check them out here.


Jaclyn Miller said...

I started WW the same time as you! It seems like it's a never ending battle, huh? I love how you are documenting it using LO's. You'll love looking back over that when you are super skinny. :)

Alice Wertz said...

fabulous layouts and so happy for your progress! maybe i should do this, too.... =)

~amy~ said...

GREAT layouts and woot woot on your progress!!!!

Kristine Reynolds said...

Good for you Laura! Love the layouts! I am going to be a bridesmaid at age 43 in November and am working on eating and exercising with that looking good at the wedding goal! I'll keep checking back for some extra incentive!