Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! We've been celebrating all weekend. Nothing fancy, just going out as a family to all of our favorite restaurants and eating like pigs. Tonight we'll be playing it by ear because our little guy Willie is already having a bad day and he's got 3 therapy appts (he's autistic) which is rough even on a good day. So I may be crashing and burning early tonight.

My husband and I were married on a cruise ship, the SS Norway, which at the time was the largest cruise ship in the world. Then we took an Eastern Carribean cruise for our honeymoon. I set it all up over the phone through a wedding planner in Miami, and we had 11 guests which were immediate family. Before the ceremony I was talking to the wedding planner and asked her, since she's in Miami, if she had ever married any celebrities. She told me that she had just done the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and her first husband, who was a Miami bartender. At the time Lopez wasn't very famous. I asked the planner "Who's that?" and she told me the actress from the Selena movie and The Money Train and then I knew who she was. So something I have in common with Jennifer Lopez, LOL!

But enough about J Lo, back to the card. Really simple with the Hero Arts Heart Lace stamped in Ladybug Memento, a branch from Cornish Heritage Farms The Landing Pad stamped in Memories Brown, and Rubber Soul Love Birds stamped in black.

Thanks for stopping by.


Julie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Laura! Hope your day is wonderful! Hope all the appointments go well, and don't wear out you or Willie! Fun story about your wedding!

Love your beautiful love birds--perfect anniversary card!

Tanis said...

Fun story :)
Have a great day together!

~amy~ said...

happy anniversary!!!!!! Such a fun card...hope your day goes well with all the appts!

Amy Heller said...

Happy Anniversary! Super cute card! That's funny about J-Lo! :)

Debbi said...

Happy Anniversary!! Great card--I love the simplicity!
Hope your day goes really well.
*smiles* debbi

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary, Laura!!!! How sweet to get married on a cruise and such a fancy one ;) May you have many more years full of love, blessings and creativity :)

The card is lovely as usual. TFS :)

Courtney Baker said...

So cute! And that is such a great story... I love it. Happy Anniversary girl!

Laural-Lee said...

Happy Anniversary Laura and Congratulations! Hope you have a fantastic day. Reading your post I had to laugh. First it was a cute coincidence that today my hubby and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary :) Then as I was reading your post I realized that 13 years ago I was aboard the SS Norway with my parents for an Eastern Caribbean Cruise. Although I think we were there the first week of February. It was an amazingly big ship. I can only imagine what the bigger ships of today are like.

I hope you have a great day despite all the appointments and you've made a lovely card. It's amazing what you can do with ink!

Nicole Maki said...

Happy Anniversary! What an exotic way to get married. How wonderful.

I hope your day went easier than expected.

Love your card, that Heart Lace stamp is a must-have.

Silvergirl said...

Happy Anniversary, Laura! I hope your day was wonderful, even if you did have lots of appointments.

How funny about the SS Norway! My husband and I had the pleasure of cruising the Eastern Carribean on the lovely French ship in Jun-2000. It was such a wonderful time. I can imagine that your wedding was just spectacular!

Hugs to you!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Happy Anniversary!
You and J-Lo, too funny!

Love your darling!

(-: Heidi