Monday, January 26, 2009

My Blog is Fabulous!

Nicole has honored me with my first ever blog award.

She's so sweet!

With this award I have to name 5 addictions, so here goes:

1.  Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano Cookies.  I eat way too many of these.

2.  Essential Jeans from the Gap.  I found these in the fall, bought 2 pair, and have been living in them ever since.  Best jeans ever.

3.  Big Love.  So happy this show is back on the air after such a long break.  

4.  Copic  Markers.  I'm not really a natural born colorer, but I really enjoy coloring and I do a little, or sometimes a lot, every day.  These markers are the best.  They are artists tools, and worth the price.

5.  what else what else... Bare Minerals - the only makeup I've ever used that does not irritate my contacts.

Now I can pass the award on to 5 fabulous bloggers:

Jennifer my local friend who scraps and makes fabulous cards with PTI stamps

Cathrine my other local friend who shares fabulous Copic tutorials on her blog, and is also having a fabulous sale right now in her online store

Kathy the fabulous bird nerd

Emilia the fabulous whimsical stamper

and Tanis super creative, fun, friendly, and fabulous


Tanis said...

Aw, THANKS girl!!!
You just made my day :)
I love this should be VERY easy to think of 5!

Jennifer Kirk said...

Thanks, Laura! I posted my top five current addictions. I share one with you!

Cathrine StClair said...

Wow! Thanks so much Laura! I really appreciate you including me! I can't believe this is your first award - your blog is wonderful.

Kim said...

Congrats on your award! :-) Also adore your blog banner and your recent OBP cards - lovely!!

Emilia said...

Wow! Thank you! What an honor to me too! And thank you for sharing your cute 5 addictions... how fun!