Wednesday, January 14, 2009

12 on the 12th (pics 1-4)

Some of the girls on the Odd Bird Dt decided to try this photo project - 12 on the 12th.  

Here are my pictures from Monday the 12th.

My husband is a news junkie.  He buys 2-3 papers every day.  Big news - Eagles won their game on Sunday, they're now 1 game away from the Super Bowl! 

 Along with buying papers he also buys soft pretzels.

I took Willie to Oasis, which is like Chuck E Cheese, then we went to lunch at this local hot dog place, Jimmy John's.

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Jennifer Kirk said...

Great pictures! A nice little snapshot of your life :)

I was supposed to take Jack and his best friend, Joey, to Oasis today, but he's sick :( And Jimmy John's is one of Jack's favorite places, too!