Thursday, December 4, 2008

once in awhile I also scrapbook

I whipped this one up yesterday afternoon when I saw the Unity Wednesday Challenge was to make a scrapbook page.

The stamp is called Memory and a Photo.  I got it from Limelight's black friday sale.  Its awesome!  It is deeply etched and stamps perfect every time.  Sometimes these big guys are finicky and don't want to give you an even image.  Not this one.  I love it!  

I blogged about this a few weeks ago, when we took little guy for his first haircut.  Oh, the drama!  My husband hates to get his picture taken, and I don't think he realized you can see his reflection in the mirror.  The hardest part about this page was trimming the photos without over-trimming them.  I just started in the top left and went clockwise, then plopped the postcard in the middle.


Godelieve said...

What a great occasion to scrap! Looks fabulous! Love the way you arranged the photos.

Kathi said...

Great layout, but what a sad little face.