Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Organizing Part 2

I haven't made anything new in a couple of days and don't really have much to blog about, so I thought why not show some more photos of how I organize my supplies.  In this post I showed some things I have stashed in my dining room.  This is my living room.  I love this color of green!  The rattan chair and the trestle based table we've had for years.  We loved this furniture when we bought it, and still do, but never really found good spots for them anywhere.  So they got placed in the living room that no one uses.  Then we picked the paint and other furniture to try to compliment them.  So starting at the right is a console cabinet I bought at Pier 1.  It had 3 shelves but to fit the 12" vertical storage I had to take 1 out.  Its actually sitting on the floor under the cabinet.  On top of the cabinet is an old tv/vcr combo.  I have a big box of videos from when my daughter was a baby, in the days pre-DVR and pre-On Demand.  My little guy comes in here with me and watches them sometimes now, which is why we still have them.  Next to the tv are black filing cabinets which house photos.  This is part of the Stacy Julian/Library of Memories system of photo organization.  Next to the cabinet is my scrap tote, for the rare times when I venture out to crops.  Inside the cabinet on the bottom shelf are the Cropper Hopper vertical storage which hold cardstock, patterned papers, stickers and a pink d-ring binder holding unmounted stamps.  On the shelf above is the little brown and green tote, my cutter, and who knows what else.

I'll cover the rest of the room in another post.  Wait till you see all the crap I've got in that wall unit!

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