Sunday, August 24, 2008

oh deer!

These stamps, the cherries and fawn, are from Sideshow Stamps, a super cool company for vintage and 70's images.  I was checking their website and saw that they've recently started blogging, and they're running a contest for summer themed cards.  I had this one in my stash so I sent it in.  Summer = cherries, right?  They also have some peeks on the blog of some new releases, and you know what I love so much that they have?  A stamp of the leg lamp like from the movie A Christmas Story.  This movie is a family favorite of ours and believe it or not one of our neighbors actually has a leg lamp, and it is displayed right in the middle of the bay window in the front of their house!  Every time we drive by their house my daughter wants to watch A Christmas Story, which we do not own but should.

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