Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sorry I deleted the photo.  Look for this next year in Stamp It! Cards.

My Lime Tart showed up yesterday, along with some new stamps I ordered from Odd Bird Planet.  Here we have Laura's owl, Tanis's Oswald, and JenMarie's sleepy coffee owl mixing it up at Central Perk with the old timers Alma, Big Al, and Long Legged Flo.


Tiffany Johnson said...

Did YOU design the owl yourself, Laura's owl!!!!??? Great card! I think I need that chaise lounge or ask for it on wish RAK ;) Love it!

Kathi said...

So cute. I love this! Great take on "Friends".

Anonymous said...

Aww! Virtual friends!

sideshow stamps said...

oooohhhh!! I LOVE those owl stamps!!
Very cute card!