Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Lime Tart

A few more Lime Tart cards, and some of my Owl Week prizes (you rock, Brody Drummer Z, Max Rocker).  Loving the banner stamp, and the paper, and the doilies.  Haven't used the flowers or too much of the ribbon yet, but this bow tying video is giving me some ideas.   I'll be sad when these goodies are used up.  I tried out stamping in blue on the Aloha Priscilla card vs the usual black for something different.  I think I like black better (hah!) but you never know until you try.


Emilia said...

oh who rocks? You really rock! You made the cute cards out of these gorgeous paper & embellishment!

justjohanna said...

awesome - love the banner used that way! have you seen the butterfly that betsy made from that huge flower? i'm totally doing that with my flowers!