Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lime Tart is Here!

My Lime Tart came yesterday and I already had a chance to play with it.  I  made the layout last night and the card this morning.  Such pretty papers, almost too pretty to cut!
  The layout is my little guy's 1st birthday, and his first cake.  I have +20 pictures of him eating the cake, and I'm not deleting any of them - they're all so cute.  First he looked at the cake  like "ew yuck, I don't know this food"  he pushed it away, got a little frosting on his finger, licked it off, then "woa, get that cake back here!!!"

The card is all Odd Bird Planet stamps, including the banner stamp which came with the Lime Tart.  Theres a lot of piecing here but its easy to do because the shapes are simple to cut out.  I wasn't sure about which sentiment to use - happy birthday, congrats, celebrate.  Then I remembered my brother and his wife have their 1st wedding anniversary next week so "lovebirds" it is.  If I didn't have the stamps and more of the paper to duplicate this exact card I don't think I could send it out.  I think I'd just keep it in my card box for me to admire.


Mandy said...

What a CUTIE! I love your page and card, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome! cute kiddo with the cake! and cute idea to use the lime slice for a celestial body. clever, clever!

Kathi said...

Ah. That layout is just too cute. I love those photos of your adorable little guy!

The card's pretty sweet too!