Saturday, July 12, 2008

Channeling Stacy Julian

Taking a short break from cupcake planets and lime houses to work on this Penny for Your Thoughts Kit of the Month I bought from Creating Keepsakes.  I've never bought one of their kits before, but this one designed by Stacy Julian caught my eye.  I took her Library of Memories class 3 years ago and loved it.  I'm still working that system.  So the concept of this kit is 10 round 8" pages that sit inside this big penny tin.  Each page is about a certain year, and you're supposed to find pennies from each year to fit in a penny holder that sits in the bottom of the tin.  The first page I did is 1996, which is the year before my husband and I got married.  I used photos from a trip we took to Hawaii which I had never scrapbooked or even looked at in a long time.  The 2 pages will get glued together back to back.  I haven't shown it to my husband yet.  I hope he'll add a tag with his own journaling.  

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